Frequently Asked Questions

Our business hours are:

  • Monday 9am - 6pm
  • Tuesday 9am - 6pm
  • Wednesday 9am - 6pm
  • Thursday 9am - 6pm
  • Friday 9am - 6pm
  • Saturday 10am - 5pm
  • Sunday Closed
We usually respond within 24 hours of any service request. If there is an emergency, we may send someone out the same business day for an extra fee, depending on the circumstances.
We accept cash and personal checks, as well as credit cards, and we use PayPal to process the credit card payments. If you are not familiar with it, PayPal is a web-based service for processing payments. It is free to create an account and make payments from your bank accounts or credit cards. You can get more information on our Payment page
Most likely, yes, we can. Slow speeds are generally caused by malware, the system not being configured properly, or the computer being old. We can remove any malware, properly configure the system to speed it up, or upgrade some of the computer parts to make it work faster.
We support both Windows-based and Apple products
We do not collect, store, or use any information about any visitor to our website

We store our customers' contact information and service history for the sole purpose of recordkeeping, and we do no share that information with anyone outside our company

Our Services

Server maintenance & troubleshooting

We install, test, and maintain Windows and Linux based servers and networks.

Malware removal

We remove any viruses, adware, spyware, or any other malware infecting Windows or Apple systems.

Network setup & maintenance

We set up, manage, and troubleshoot wired and wireless networks, including common issues such as improving Wi-Fi range or setting up corporate firewalls and networks.

Hardware maintenance & troubleshooting

We can repair or replace failed hardware components or upgrade older components to improve system performance

Software maintenance & troubleshooting

We perform software installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance for both personal software as well as corporate deployments

Mobile software development

We develop apps for the Android platform and design systems to integrate mobile devices with other platforms

Web-based application development

We design web-based applications for either standalone deployment, or to be integrated with other platforms. This includes database management, QuickBooks data management, mobile device integration.

Cloud-based data migration and troubleshooting

We help businesses migrate data from local servers into cloud-based services for email, data storage & backup, and mobile application deployment

Data backup & recovery

we are an authorized reseller for Drive Savers, an industry leader in data recovery services

Learn more about Data Recovery
services from the Industry Leader

Android Apps

We are actively developing applications for mobile platforms. The Android OS is the most versatile platform right now, and we develop apps for both internal and public use. If you require a customized Android app, pease contact our Android Support Team at, and our expert staff can help you find a perfect solution

Better YouMail

Visual Voicemail interface for the YouMail service. Enjoy the best Visual Voicemail experience with personalized greetings, great interface, and complete control over your messages!

Get it on Google Play

Unique Featues

  • No Ads
  • Modern user interface (using Material Design) with great functionality & different themes
  • Call Log Integration to show and play voicemail right in your phone's call log (if your phone supports it. See details below)
  • Better Contact Sync to allow YouMail contacts to be edited from your phone
  • Unique Call & Delete feature (by swiping the Call button into the Delete button)
  • Perform reverse phone number look-ups
  • Search messages by name, phone number, or transcript contents
  • If you have multiple phone numbers forwarded to the same YouMail inbox, there is an option to color-code each incoming number
  • Create calendar appointments with callers directly from the app
  • Full Bluetooth headset support (Mono and Stereo) on Android OS 2.2 and higher
  • AVRCP support to allow playback control over Bluetooth
  • Multiple homescreen widgets to display new message count, force a refresh, and get message previews

Other Features

  • View YouMail call history (even if the caller didn't leave a message)
  • Swipe messages off the screen to delete them
  • Switch between folders & move messages to any folder
  • Display contact pictures next to their messages
  • Set custom greetings for individual contacts
  • Block unwanted callers from calling your phone or leaving messages
  • Share your voice messages via email, SMS, or other messaging services
  • Select multiple messages to be deleted, moved to other folders, or marked as read or unread
  • Record, upload, and manage greetings
  • Get message transcripts (paid service that can be purchased on the YouMail website)

Payment Options

We accept cash and personal checks, as well as Credit Cards. We also accept credit card payments, but not directly. We use PayPal to process those payments. If you are not familiar with it, PayPal is a web-based service for processing payments. It is free to create an account and make payments from your bank accounts or credit cards.

Please enter the amount that you wish to pay, and press the "Pay Now" button to make the payment. You will be taken to the PayPal website, where you can complete the transaction.